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VENETO b side

Maggio 2019


May 13th

Instagram Photo Contest Veneto b side!

From 15 May 2019 you will be able to take part in the photo contest linked to the themes of the Veneto b side.

May 10th

The regional order of Veneto geologists has granted patronage to the Veneto b side

Veneto B Side

a bike and photo journey

A snapshot of the Veneto region

A thousand kilometers pedaling in “our” territory. A survey of the most fascinating and disfigured places in Veneto. A testimony of the beauties and stolen lands, of what was land and which has now become “modernity”. Six days of exploration in the physical landscape and in the people who live there.

We will go along an ideal itinerary that wants to join the venetian geosites that will become buoys in our navigation. Between one buoy and the other we will encounter testimonies on the transformations of the territory crossed, told by those living in those lands.

29 June 2019 – 4 July 2019
from the 3 Cime di Lavaredo to the mouth of the Po river

km to go

geosites to visit



Venetian Storie

Reportage looks like an old, anachronistic word. The speed of the web made it out of place, chewed even before being discarded. What sense can have a reportage of a week’s journey by bike and on foot in one of the most populated Italian regions, among the richest, among the most connected? It depends on your point of view. One of the objectives is precisely this: to provide a point of view, which can be shared or not, a testimony, a point. A thousand kilometers long snapshot, with the aim of stopping time for a moment and delivering what is to our personal archives. Give a new chance to the territory, to its people, to those who live it every day and see it change too quickly.

Photo by Andrea Rosina


Side A / Side B

We will look for opposites, beautiful landscapes and the distortions of economic excess. We will travel through one of the most urbanized regions of the world where the sense of the periphery has been lost so much that we no longer notice separations and diversity between one capital and another. We will try to highlight all this through photography. A journey between speed and slowness, cycling and running, digital and analogue photography …

“The landscape is composed of our roads, paths, our goals. It is the reason for our departure”



Traveling by bike and covering about 1000 km in 6 days along B roads and cycle paths, we will have the opportunity to build a fairly exhaustive picture of the network, which is enriched day after day by pedaling. We will try to identify shortcomings and strengths of the routes already set up and we will be able to create cycle-pedestrian paths to connect as many geosites as possible by exploiting the already existing structures, identifying their strengths and possible criticalities.

Photo by Enrico Fonso


Along the journey digital and analogue photographs will be taken to emphasize the duality of the path and the territory. In addition, videos will be made along the way and video interviews of the meetings with managers of the associations that manage the geosites, geologists indicated by the regional order, presidents of cultural and environmental associations with the theme of safeguarding the territory, young writers at heart.
A daily diary will be created with photos and short passages while trying not to fall into the common place of speed at all costs and media coverage in each social network.

Photo by Enrico Fonso


Realization of a video documentary

Realization of photographic exhibitions

Creation of a publication with photos and texts

The route

“The stages will be made public. Starting point, arrival and stops with indicative times, will be published with the aim of collecting travel friends along the way”



  • 29/06 – Tre Cime di Lavaredo – Rocca Pietore; 82km bici; 5km trekking 3000mD+
  • 30/06 – Rocca Pietore – Dolina di Val Posan; 170km bici; 2600mD+
  • 01/07 – Dolina di Val Posan – Castelloni di San Marco; 142km bici; 5km trekking; 2550mD
  • 02/07 – Castelloni di San Marco – Spluga della Preta; 156km bici; 5km trekking; 3600mD+
  • 03/07 – Spluga della Preta – Colli Euganei; 169km bici; 1300mD+
  • 04/07 – Colli Euganei – Foce del Po; 150km bici; 50mD+


Andrea Rosina

Andrea Rosina


Graduated in Geology at the University of Padua in 2004 and specialized in Systems
Local Information with a 2nd level University Master’s Degree at the IUAV University of
Venice in 2007. Currently working at CORILA (Consortium for coordination
environmental research in the Venice lagoon) dealing with the management and publication of
environmental data.
He created a web channel on the theme of cycling “The Cycling Corner”, through which
tries to convey emotions by telling the sports exploits of the protagonists
ultracycling and solo travel on a bike.
He has been practicing the bike for over twenty years, both mountain bikes and road bikes, tasting all the bikes
types of competition. In recent years he has been passionate about long distances, leading to
term some randonnee. In 2017 it completed the 600km Veneto Gravel e
concluded the Edelweiss of 400km between Italy, Austria and Switzerland. In 2018 he completed 9
Colli by night and attempted the Trans Dolomitics Way. He was president of a cycling ASD,
and organizer / tracker of a “MMM” gravel (3 editions) and of a 300km randonnee
“VagoTorno Tour” (2 Editions). He holds a mtb instructor and guide license
SIMB cycle tourism.

Enrico Fonso

Enrico Fonso


Veneto, if it could be condensed in a few words: a simple lover of life. After i
studies in the medical and scientific field, he has always devoted himself to his other two passions: the
photography and sport.
Enrico, during his many travels, has learned to combine his aesthetic sense with the
rigorous working methods of his masters Alan Ross and John Sexton, deans of photography
traditional American.
Every time he visits a place he tries to establish a bond with it in a very way
similar to how portraits are faced. This sort of introspective journey starts from the beginning
during shooting and ends only in the dark room where Enrico takes care of the minimum
details every step of image processing: from development to printing to
final editing of his works.
A lover of nature, animals and the outdoors he has practiced since he was a child
countless sports from rugby coming from the military in Serie A thanks to CUS Verona Rugby,
up to extreme sports like technical diving or trail running by participating in several
competitions. His feet and his legs accompanied him to the exploration of the
humid jungles of south-east Asia to the depressed deserts of Death Valley.


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